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Deafness, the hidden disability

MySunriseApp.- cancer support


This app has been developed to support cancer patients and their families in the South West, from the moment of their diagnosis all the way through their treatment pathway.

The app is free to download for cancer patients and their families, and acts as a patient companion which guides and supports them through their cancer treatment. It is complete with a whole range of videos, relevant links, cancer resources and contact information all specific to their own NHS Cancer Centre. It can help patients find everything they need to know on there, from which bus to catch to the hospital right through to support groups in their local areas and what to expect when coming in for treatment.

It also helps patients access video consultations, contains a section on side effects that may be experienced whilst on treatment, and allows patient to directly access advice on Covid 19 and how it is affecting services in their area.

Peninsula Cancer Care have recently offered Hearing Loss Cornwall to create further BSL footage to explain how to access the MySunriseApp and be able to benefit from all the fantastic advice. Currently, this is a work in progress.

MySunriseApp in BSL video

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