Registered Charity no. 218341  |   Telephone: 01872 225 868


Registered Charity no. 218341  |  01872 225 868  |


Deafness, the hidden disability

A different language is a different vision of life!

"I was born with my voice in my hands"

Cornwall Deaf Community Centre provides an invaluable service to all deaf/hard of hearing adults/children and their friends and families in Cornwall. 

We provide regular social evenings, children's groups, a youth group, deaf church, lunch clubs, sporting events,  and regular fundraising events.

We are the only Centre for deaf/hearing impaired in Cornwall and we work hard, with a strong and dedicated committee, to continue fundraising and holding events to ensure the Centre remains open. Membership numbers are rising, year by year,  and we always welcome visitors and new members to the Centre 

In 2012 Cornwall Deaf Community Centre won a Community “Spirit of the Year Award“ with Signature. A huge honour,  not only for our members but to the local businesses and community for all their support in helping to rebuild the Centre and bring it into the 21st Century.

Our Youth Group play a huge role in the Centre, mentoring the younger deaf children who, in years to come, will be the future Committee.  We all work as a team and our social events are proof that whatever your age, whether you are Deaf, find it hard to hear or are hearing, we all have one common goal and that is to support Cornwall Deaf Community Centre.  

You are welcome to join our family. 

Cornwall Deaf Community Centre is a charity in its own right and relies on fundraising to keep it going! Charity No. 1000759

Contact:  Cornwall Deaf Centre 5a East Charles Street Camborne Cornwall TR14 8JF 
email or Hearing Loss Cornwall can put you in touch!


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Diary of Events 2022

Deaf Club Newsletter


Cornwall Deaf Community Centre recently celebrated 30 years as a club! 

“Profoundly Deaf people, seen from the medical point of view, can only hope to become imperfect hearing people. But seen as a cultural group they could develop a greater sense of identity, not only in themselves and within their community, but as respected citizens of the country they live in.” – Dorothy Miles (Deaf Poet, Playwright and Activist)

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Interesting history of well loved Cornish poet and writer Jack Clemo, who became deaf and blind 

5 Famous Deaf People who changed the world!

Devon and Cornwall Police BSL videos

Did you know? Edward Bone (1570) was a servant living in Cornwall. He was linked to another deaf man in a neighbouring village and it was known that they used sign language.