Registered Charity no. 218341  |   Telephone: 01872 225 868


Registered Charity no. 218341  |  01872 225 868  |


Deafness, the hidden disability

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Hearing Loss Cornwall is a small Cornish charity which always appreciates any help that is offered. There are a variety of ways to support Hearing Loss Cornwall including becoming a member, making a donation, fundraising or leaving a legacy, all of which are greatly valued. Our charity has been in existence for many years aiming to promote the needs of people who live with hearing loss across this, already isolated, county.

While deafness or hearing loss often remains an unseen disability, it is vital that our cause has a "face" and visual impact.

Find out how you can support Hearing Loss Cornwall in its aims and objectives to value this part of the community and assist with their needs.

"If your reflex is everyone feels lonely sometimes, you would be right. But you would also be understating the loneliness we feel."

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