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Deafness, the hidden disability

Deaf Awareness Training

Although the number of people in Cornwall living with hearing loss is currently as high as 1 in 5, there are still many barriers of communication for the Deaf and those living with hearing loss.

Why not play your part by encouraging your staff, team members or students to develop a better understanding of those who need hearing help through our Deaf Awareness Training? As well as helping our deaf community, they will also find it a rewarding, life-enhancing experience.

Hearing Loss Cornwall delivers Deaf Awareness Training to organisations, businesses, voluntary sector groups and educational centres. "Hear Me - I'm Here" will be targeted at your audience needs whether for students, people living with hearing loss, or needing to know more. Let us know!

Our Deaf Awareness classes and courses will also help to ensure that organisations are fulfilling their statutory duties under the Equality Act 2010 as well as meeting the needs of customers and employees.

We also want to build greater awareness about some of the causes of hearing loss, so as to minimise the numbers of people who may experience hearing loss in the future.

Did you know some key facts?

We offer anything from an introductory talk to half-day Deaf Awareness sessions, all delivered in a fun but informative fashion and geared to your participants.

Deaf Awareness Training Poster, Cornwall

Deaf Awareness Course Outline

Defend not Deafened

Hearing Loss Cornwall has an ambition to help people to maintain their level of hearing. So you may wish the training to be focused on encouraging your staff, students and pupils to defend and protect their hearing.

Hearing Loss Cornwall wants to encourage younger people, especially teenagers, to be aware that they can significantly and permanently damage their hearing by listening to loud music, either at rock concerts or even on their personal audio equipment.

Please contact the office if you are interested in finding out more. 

Talks and Presentations

“Have a Care and be Deaf Aware!”

Let Hearing Loss Cornwall come to your group and we will share with them how to be more
Deaf Aware

Communication is a vital part of everyday life, and no less for those living with hearing loss. At any stage in life, we are all vulnerable to hearing loss. Hearing Loss Cornwall offer an understanding of how to embrace this part of the community and to consider those with hearing loss and their needs.

Talks can be adapted to your audience.

Hearing Facts

  • Booming music and loud conversation is now the norm in many restaurants and bars. Research has found that the louder the music, the faster people eat and drink, generating more revenue, but risking their clients’ and staff hearing in the process!


Stronger together

We also work in liaison with other voluntary sector organisations on any projects that will benefit our community, and we are happy to share in the preparation of any events or funding bids that will have a positive impact on our community. Find out how Hearing Loss Cornwall may be able to help.

“If your reflex is everyone feels lonely sometimes, you would be right. But you would also be understating the loneliness we feel.”

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