Registered Charity no. 218341  |   Telephone: 01872 225 868


Registered Charity no. 218341  |  01872 225 868  |


Deafness, the hidden disability

Supporting you

We are a small, charity offering a range of support to deaf people. This includes anyone living with hearing loss as well as profoundly Deaf BSL users. 

Mostly we provide communication support for d/Deaf people to have access to services such as the NHS and Cornwall Council, but we also provide information, signposting, workshops and some specific advocacy services.

Below you will find links that offer help, guidance and support for every type of hearing loss. If you would like us to point you in the right direction please email us or call the office on 01872 225 868.

“If your reflex is everyone feels lonely sometimes, you would be right. But you would also be understating the loneliness we feel.”