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Registered Charity no. 218341  |  01872 225 868  |

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The blind lose things, the deaf lose people

Launch of our new website


Our new face!

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A Future for a Club for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People in Mid Cornwall


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Getting out there


Being seen and heard

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Between the Hearing World and Deaf Culture


The revamp of the “face” of Hearing Loss Cornwall

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Always something new!


Life at Hearing Loss Cornwall has been rather busy in recent months. With the retirement of Angela Williams after many years as Executive Officer, we now have Clare Greenwood in this role.

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Thyroid inbalance may lead to hearing loss


By testing on mice, researchers from Tel Aviv University in Israel have found that congenital deafness can be caused by thyroid imbalance.

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Defend not deafened


James Thomas, Project Manager for Midas, Pydar House, recognised a direct link between providing his staff with ear protection and supporting the local charity, Hearing Loss Cornwall.

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