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Surfers Ear - a problem in Cornwall

When surfing in cold environments, always think about your ears before you go, make sure you've packed your extra layers and ear protection and then the surfing, is all about surfing. You don't have to worry about the cold or big slams and your ears and head will thank you for it.

How Can Surfing Affect Your Ears

Regular exposure to cold wind and water can cause bony growths within your ear canal to develop. This can trap water and debris which has the potential to cause a painful ear infection. In some cases when the growths begin to close the ear canal, causing slight deafness, surgery is required to remove these growths. This surgery can require several weeks for your ear to heal fully and therefore you will need to stay out of the water for this time period.

With better technology neoprene, thicker wetsuits and ear accesories available on the market, more people are surfing cold waters than ever before, increasing the risk of surfers ear. 

If you are concerned you may have surfers ear, it is worth consulting your Doctor or Audiologist for an ear examination. 

Go to Hearing Helper for further information on protective gear


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