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Deafness, the hidden disability

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Hearing Loss Cornwall offer hearing assistive products for people to try before they buy.

Sticking  the radio on, listening to the gossip, getting annoyed by the seagulls, hearing the sound of the waves and just knowing what is going on…Isn’t it hard to imagine not being able to do many, or any of these things?

When all is going well, it is easy to take simple tasks and mundane routine things for granted, but for people living with hearing loss, there exists no such luxury as routine!

Everyone has a different level  or form of hearing loss and it can be very expensive and upsetting to purchase an ineffective product. From telephones to textphones, personal loop systems to TV listening devices, we demonstrate and loan products so that people have the opportunity to find the best solutions to the challenges of hearing in a world geared to sound.

.We would like to expand this service and update some products which have been improved and be able to offer more choice and guidance.

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