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Deafness, the hidden disability

Help for veterans with hearing loss

There are, as many as, 1 in 4 of the population in Cornwall who live with noise induced hearing loss.  A large cohort come from the services with ex-servicemen being particularly vulnerable to hearing loss.

Despite the best endeavours to provide ear defenders and hearing protection, there are many servicemen, including our own Chair of Trustees, Jamie Hanlon, who report various stories of how they became deafened or now suffer from tinnitus.

Even if a  simulated explosive goes off right next to you this has an impact. Many  people will wear those masks that cover your full head like a motorcycle helmet, but if the earplug falls out, as the explosion goes off, the helmet funnels the sound and shock right into the ear. Or think of that momentary lapse when the protection isn't in place but a loud noise goes off or an earplug is incorrectly placed.

With servicemen and women operating in ships, aeroplanes, helicopters and other craft who are working in and on machinery and mechanical equipment, you can start to imagine the impact that noise can have in their daily lives. Deafness can creep on by stealth with a gradual exposure to noise or can happen in an instant, with lasting effect. Any ex-veterans may find that they can be helped by these charities listed below:

Meanwhile, Hearing Loss Cornwall will continue in its own mission to promote Deaf Awareness and on how to protect your hearing!

British Legion

Help for Heroes


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