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Deafness, the hidden disability

Cornwall Mini Deaffest 2021

Sunday 19th September

 Cornwall Mini Deaffest 2021

 This is a voluntary project called “Cornwall Mini Deaffest 2021” will be held at St. Austell College for its second festival during the day which is a media, artists and film festival for Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. Most of them as their first language are BSL (British Sign language). The aim of this festival are to providing accessibility for Deaf people especially in Cornwall and Southwest, the purpose of this festival is to encourage Deaf and Hard of Hearing people to interact with each other since this disability can be frustrating, isolating and can affect their mental wellbeing due to difficulties with communication and access to information due their English limitation as its our second language. This festival is a great access for all and its culture especially the younger generation to have the role models of Deaf artists and film makers where there are showcases of their films showing their expert skills in their own language and the artists to perform their own show on our accessibility platform with their own comfortable language in BSL. With this disability we do not have the same access within the hearing community e.g. cinema, radio, arts, concerts, festivals, especially in Southwest compared to the rest of the counties. The main Deaffest in the midlands has run its 13th festival. Their 14th festival will be held in Wolverhampton next May 2022. Our Cornwall Mini Deaffest 2021 also will giving the insight of our 2nd festival to the hearing community in Cornwall whoever are welcome to attended. We are delighted that the feast from krowji, Redruth has funded us again this year’s festival. also Devon & Cornwall Police and St.Austell Council has sponsored us. Mayor of St.Austell will be presented at our festival and the evening festival will be held at the Britannia Inn, for further information are in Cornwall Mini Deaffest Facebook Page.

 Marilyn Willrich, Director


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