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Deafness, the hidden disability

John O'Groats to Lands End for Hearing Loss Cornwall

Sunday 21st July ~ Friday 16th August

 My story

A friend told me about the difficulties that confront deaf people in Cornwall. Common tasks like attending a computer course, sorting out a mobile phone, or arranging a home visit by a plumber or electrician can be overwhelming. The hidden disability of hearing loss not only makes everyday living more difficult, but the long-term isolation often causes severe mental stress.Hearing Loss Cornwall is a small charity that works to ensure that people who are deaf or live with hearing loss can remain an active and valued part of their community. They have existed for over 80 years and provide a range of support including provision of sign language interpreters, consultation on hearing loop system installations, running deaf awareness courses in the workplace and providing advice on hearing products and equipment to those affected. For many in the deaf community they are the first port of call and in order to continue to provide this service they rely on money coming in through donations, legacies and fundraising campaigns.

I want to help them continue their work with a campaign, and as I have always wanted to cycle End to End, I thought this would be a marriage made in heaven. So on Sunday July 21st I am setting off on my bike from John O'Groats, at the extreme NE corner of Scotland, and planning to finish at Lands End about 3 weeks later at the extreme SW corner of England. Cycling along quieter roads and wild camping along the way it will be an overall distance of around 1000 miles and I am planning on riding an average of 50 miles/day - some days I may do more and some days less ! I intend to post photos and observations to my Facebook page, so as I travel south you can follow (and hopefully comment on) my journey.

It would be great if you could help towards my target by making a donation and also sharing my cause with your friends and family. I am setting off solo, but expecting to make new friends along the way. Existing cycling friends are more than welcome to join me on any part of the ride - please get in touch through Messenger or my mobile.


Art Shrimpton


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