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Deafness, the hidden disability

Are you a deaf person whose stress bucket is overflowing right now?

Tinnitus, zoom fatigue, visual overload and even accessing your GP through a screen are all having their impact.

There used to be a saying, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away!” Right now, we seem to be suffering from both Apple and “app” overload but some of them can give you a boost as well!

Here’s a few ideas:

In your face? – Yes, it’s true, we don’t really like looking at ourself all the time and it is actually quite tiring. Why not hide your face, in “zoom” or “teams”, so that you can concentrate on other people’s lips and, use speaker view on the gallery.

Don’t be embarrassed to ask for assurance that the meeting you plan to attend will offer captioning or check out the various PC options and

Download useful apps onto your phone that will help you such as “Live Transcribe” on android or “Petralex” or “”

Turn on “Closed Captions” on your windows 10 computer

Ask for a copy of notes and or/recording.

Ask for some time-out if you are struggling to absorb information (probably everyone else wants it as well!)

Make use of the new products like Alexa and Portals to help boost the visuals.

Invest in hearing assistive devices for conversation, phone calls etc. “Access to Work” may be able to help you with funding if you are in employment

Contact Seetec Pluss if you feel you need a job that will support your hearing loss -

What the disability community can teach us about working remotely - Microsoft Accessibility Blog

Disability Answer Desk | Microsoft Accessibility

British Sign Language (BSL) users, please look for our Mental Wellbeing BSL videos

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